Are your events open to non-members?

We have some events that are open to the public

What is included with adult membership?

Membership includes - access to Oasis of Change grounds - 6 classes a month additional classes are 5 dollars - 5 dollar meals - access to member only events - discount on workshops that we host - wifi and tea - member market

What activties are there for children?

We offer a wide range of activties for children that include - music classes - dance classes and dance parties - cooking classes - tutoring - young buisness classes - farming classes - art classes - movement and fitness classes - STEM classes -Storytime - outdoor exploration - sensory fun

Whats included with the children and family membership?

- All the fun your family can have - all the classes in the adult membership and childrens - Childcare drop off for 2 hours 4 times a month then additional 2 hour drop off is just $10. - affordable healthy meals 3 and under 3 dollars 3-8 4 dollars and 8+ 5 dollars - access to our family only activties - after school programming that includes movement, homework, and a cooking class with dinner

Whats it like to eat at Oasis of Change

It is like eating in the house of your best friend in the world who loves to cook and share food. Meals tyipcally take 30 minutes from start to finish. Our food has a health focus with the goal of being affordable tasty and easily recreatable in your own home. We have a rotating group of local chefs that we work with to keep the meals fun and exciting.We also do a cooking class before our meals that your welcome to join in!

What activties are there for adults?

We can not let the kids have all the fun! So we have all sorts of programs and are constantly adding more so if you think we need to have it let us know and we will happily add it! - cooking classes - music and art classes - woodshop and making things - movement and fitness classes - meditation classes - massage classes - mental health classes - comedy nights - open mics - dance parties - farming classes - hip-hop shop - educational lectures on all sorts of topics

Why join?

There are so many reasons to join but the main one is we are designed to save you money and time and not miss out on all the fun at the same time. so come on in and see how this is all possible.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are $40 for adults and $20 for children per month. and this includes everything mentioned above. I