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The natural world is incredible and it is in observing the world around us that we learn the most. It was through our experience with a bear at the Oregon Coast that led us to select the bear as an image that represents Oasis of Change.

Bears are often thought of as pic-a-nic basket predators, occasionally as a  friend of the forest (We love you, Smokey), but rarely as a picture of health and reflection of human instinct.


As the folks of OOC observed a particular bear, a regular that visited their tiny home - even rocking the home back & forth by climbing on the porch to snack on asian pears, they noticed it had some funny, and healthy behaviors.


The bear regularly exercised; walking through paths in the coastal forest, enjoying the sun, and stopping for plenty of fresh fruit along the way; mostly siuslaw berries, huckleberries, crab apples, apples, & pears.


Take note; enjoy the outdoors and a wide array of fresh foods; preferably with us - like when the bear who joined us on our porch.